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5 Tips for Quality Content for your business


The following are tips on creating good content and principles to underpin this. These principles I adhere to and utilise in my writing for your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

1. Personal language and friendly tone...

You need to make sure your language and tone is friendly and personable. There is a place for technical language but only on its own section. If you have too much of this it will alienate your audience. Use humour and wit in your posts. Readers will enjoy this and will reward you with loyalty.

2. Be Concise

Gone are the days when people read a lot of text either on a website or even in articles. Your readers don’t have much time to read a huge post about the background of your business etc. In addition to lack of time, in our new social media world, people have short attention spans. Apparently, an Associated Press study pegged the average attention span of a human at eight seconds and the attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. This is quite alarming! But we need to make sure we cater for this as well in our content. :)

3. Be Mindful of your audience

When writing content, always think of your audience, be mindful of their time, their knowledge of the industry, their intentions - whatever you can possibly learn about them. Every blog or article is written for a potential client, make sure you write with these people in mind.

4. Be Selfless

Don't be too promotional and drone on and on about your business. Remember to focus on your customer or audience. Don't be too salesy, you can build the bridge to attract a client but do this subtly as people do not like pushy sales speak. You want them to become interested in what you are doing and offering. This is done through building trust.

5. Be Passionate

It will be obvious if you are not passionate about your subject matter. If you are not, then the client or customer or audience will not be either. No matter what the subject matter is be excited about it.

Contact me if you are interested in enlisting my services to help you produce content that will help your business generate more sales for your products or services. :)


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